Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

Middle River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

September 4, 2013

The Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat regrets to announce our closing at our current location. We will not be open for 2014.

The Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat would like to announce our closing. Since the summer of 2008 we have provided a home away from home for riders visiting Cape Breton. We have met many great people over the years and have garnered lasting new friendships from all over North America which we cherish.

The decision to close was a very difficult one. We thought long and hard about continuing the B&B as we have since its inception but the reality of the short tourism season for riders, our road condition which the province of Nova Scotia refuses to fix and the costs of running a very seasonal small business are too much for us to bear anymore. The road to the Retreat is becoming too dangerous for motorcycle riders and the refusal of the Province to fix the road played the largest part of why we are closing. Although a 2008 petition with close to 400 signatures was submitted to the Department of Transportation and presented to council for the re-paving of West Side Middle River, the road was answered with a sign that reads “Rough Section, next 18 KMS”.  Middle River West Road made CAA’s Worst Road list for Atlantic Canada as well.

We announced our closing to Victoria County and we also sent correspondence to our MLA’s last week ahead of announcing to the public. The road is much more dangerous than in 2008 and only now that we are closing is the government listening. We have had a visit from our local councillor from Victoria County and council sent a letter to the Premier of Nova Scotia about us closing and the road condition. The MLA’s for our County have also responded since we announced our closing. Aside from Victoria County who can only communicate on our behalf with the province, why does it take a business closing for any response?

With that said however, we are still in the business of being the best motorcycle travel destination in Cape Breton providing top notch accommodation and support for all riders, but sadly it will not be at our location of choice in Middle River. A larger facility that will attract bigger groups, host events and live up to what travelers expect when touring a world famous destination will be our immediate goal. This will all be accomplished providing there are reasonable opportunities existing on the market within the next year and if Nova Scotia’s tourist funding organizations can back up their glossy printed brochures and see the unlimited potential of such a motorcycle themed resort along the Cabot Trail.

To all our past guests: We THANK YOU for staying with us and sharing the enthusiasm of such a passionate and friendly mode of travel, please keep in touch!  If you didn’t get a chance to stay with us, keep watching us, we may pop up again one day soon… bigger and better!

Your hosts,

Patrick & Angela

P.S. – If you like to contact the MLA’s in our region to let them know how good roads are required for motorcyclists visiting Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, We and ALL motorcyclists would appreciate it!


Nova Scotia Transportation: tpwpaff@gov.ns.ca

Keith Bain – PC, – Victoria-The Lakes


Pamela Eyking – Liberal – Victoria-The Lakes


John Frank Toney – NDP – Victoria-The Lakes


Victoria County:

Athol Grant – Municipal Councillor, Victoria County, District #2


Bruce Morrison – Warden, Victoria County


DSC 0029 300x200 Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

Cabot Trail clockwise just past Cheticamp

 Welcome to the Cabot Tral Motorcycle Retreat!

The Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat is the first accommodations business to cater specifically to motorcyclists in Atlantic Canada. We are riders first! icon biggrin Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

From Toronto to Cape Breton, two bike junkies find love, adventure and laughter working through the trials and tribulations of running a century old motorcycle guest house minutes off the Cabot Trail.

Follow us as we journey into our upcoming sixth season in 2013 of running a bikers retreat in Cape Breton. We do what we love – sharing it with others is just part of the ride….so stay tuned, buy our t-shirts and keep us in the business of treating you to comfort and fun on two wheels!

Your hosts, Patrick & Angela

- Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

 The Motorcycle Retreat:  Our century home in West Side Middle River sits on 100 acres of rolling hills and brooks with a documented history dating back to the early 1800′s. It is noted to have been home to the first school house serving the villages of Middle River and Hunter’s Mountain. If you follow the old logging road (now a walking trail) at the back of the house heading towards the mountain, it leads you to a small marker reading 1st School, West Side Middle River, District 31, circa 1831. The property was also home to one of the first black smiths in the area, some remnants including a grist mill have been found buried around the property. The previous owner; the late Barbara Nicholson was a WWII military nurse and beloved philanthropist whose family owned the property on and off since its construction in the early 1900′s. She took up residence here in 1976 until her passing in 2005. With respect and great care we have shared this beautiful home with our family, friends and guests and hope to do so for many years to come.

May 2010 033 300x225 Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

West Side Middle River School, District 31, Circa 1831

Full Throttle
In the spring of 2008, only 6 months after arriving in Cape Breton from Toronto we opened the Retreat doors. Even though there was still so much to do, the news got out and the bookings came in. It was a little nerve racking although at times amusing, what did two city kids know about running a B&B on the other side of the country? One thing we do know is biker culture and our passion for riding is expressed in how we treat our guests. The rest, we just learn as we go!

summer2010 058 2 300x225 Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat

Bikes big and small find refuge in the garden

logo Welcome to the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat


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